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Additional information including Snack Shack Signup instructions and policies may be found under the League Announcements tab


Welcome to the Spring 2018 Season! 

Please see below for important rule changes made by PONY Baseball effective this season.

Spring Schedules including Rainout Makeup Schedules for each division are below:

Shetland 2  Shetland 1  Pinto B  Pinto A  Mustang B  Mustang A  Bronco  Pony

If you have any questions or concerns during the season, please contact the respective Director or Player Agent listed below: 

Colt (ages 15-16) - Janie Ebert

Pony (ages 13-14) -  Kevin Szymanski or Jeremy Pink

Bronco (ages 11-12) -  Jeff Suppan  or Mike Horn

Mustang (ages 9-10) -  Todd Gordon or Jeff Shapiro

Pinto (ages 7-8) -  Mike Morgan or Jeff Shapiro

Shetland (ages 5-6) - Steven Hill or Ed Alarcon

Trotters/Fox Trotters Division Coordinator (ages 3-4) -  William Melcher

Champions Special Needs Division Coordinator - Lisa Kodimer - lisawesthillschampions@gmail.com  

Tentative important league dates are set forth at the bottom of this site.



Westhills Games Now Streaming Live!

All games played on the Mustang, Bronco, Pony and Colt fields are now streaming live.

Click here for Westhills Live Game Cams


COLT Division returns to Westhills!

The Colt division for 15-16 year olds plays this spring in conjunction with Newbury Park Pony Baseball and Camarillo Pony Baseball.  For the complete schedule and standings, click here.

Westhills plays at home on the following dates:

April 4 @ 5pm

April 11 @ 5:15pm

April 14 @ 3pm

April 18 @ 5pm

May 2 @ 5:30pm





Westhills Baseball Wants You!

As we enter the second half of the spring seasonit's time to begin planning for next year, including electing members to the Board of Directors.

Westhills Baseball is not part of a local park program, nor does it receive any government funding. Instead, we are a non-profit organization, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and funded by the registration fees it collects, revenues from the Snack Shack and Sports Store, sponsorships from local businesses, and its other fundraising efforts. However, the most valuable contributions by far to the quality of our program come from the parents and other adults who volunteer their time and energies for the benefit of the boys and girls who play at Westhills Baseball.

If you like what you see at Westhills Baseball and have wondered how you could become more involved in such a good thing, now is your chance to make a difference at our league and in the community by volunteering to help Westhills Baseball be the best it can be.

Elections for next year's Board of Directors will be conducted at the field from 10am-3pm, on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Christina Pompeo by 3pm May 13.



Matadors Baseball

Westhills Managers - this Spring, CSUN Matadors are making game days available to Westhills teams.  To register your teams, click on this link to access the form.  Once filled out and submitted, you will receive a conformation for admission to the game of your choice.

Matadors Spring 2018 Schedule



Westhills will Host the 2018 West Zone Championship Series


Westhills will host the 2018 West Zone Championship Series for the Pony division, August 2-5.  All play will be streamed live by Westhills.

The West Zone is comprised of the 12 western states, from Arizona and Colorado to Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.  Come watch the Westhills Pony All Stars play the best from each state in the West Zone!  The winner advances to the Pony International World Series in Washington, PA, August 10-15.



New PONY Rules Effective for the 2018 Season

New Age Cutoff Date Effective for the Spring 2018 Season

PONY has announced a new age cutoff date effective this spring.  Players will be placed in divisions according to what their age will be as of August 31, 2018.  

The new age cutoff date moves those players born between May 1 and August 31 up an additional year from last year's cutoff date of April 30.

Please be advised that Pony division players who would have been League Age 14 but for the new cutoff date will be given the option of playing in the Pony division or the new Colt division.

New Pitching Rules Effective January 1

PONY Baseball will be include a pitch count limitation as recommended by MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines,

For more information on Pitch Smart, click here

New Bat Rule Effective January 1

Effective January 1, 2018, with the exception of the -3 bat (BBCOR certified), all other 2-1/4” and 2-5/8” minus factor bats (-5, -7, -9, etc.) must be certified with the USABat licensing stamp on the bat in order to be used for league and tournament play.

2-1/4” and 2-5/8” minus factor bats (-5, -7, -9, etc.) used in 2017 will be illegal to use in 2018.

2-¾” barrel bats are prohibited in all divisions of PONY Baseball.

If using a tee ball bat manufactured prior to 2018, these bats must carry the USA Baseball mark accompanied by the following text: “Only For Use With Approved Tee Ball Bat.”

To find out more about the USABat standard click here
To find PONY's official approved bat list, which is in accordance with USABat, click here. 

During this off season and into the holiday season, please be aware of these rules when shopping for bats!



Hit a Home Run during the regular SPRING season and get a FREE LARGE PIZZA from our friends at Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Calabasas

After the game your manager will contact our ways and means director to retrieve your certificate for you! Home Run must be over the fence. Inside the park Home Runs are not eligible for pizza certificates. Valid during the regular season only, not for playoffs, championship Sunday or All Stars. 


 Trotters starts Saturday, March 17 

Trotters will start this Saturday, March 17, on the PONY Field, from 9-10am.  That field is located to the front of the Snack Shack.

Trotters will be held once every weekend for one hour during the spring season.  Safety baseballs will be used, and bats and hitting tees are provided for use at the field. All you need to bring is a glove and helmet!



Auxiliary is Welcoming New Members!

Auxiliary is a "team" of men and women who manage and run the snack shack all season!

It's a great way to be involved and meet other parents!

Snack Shack funds keep Westhills Baseball alive and being a part of Auxiliary helps that ensure our facility shines with great fan fare!

If you would like to be part of the Auxiliary team, please contact Rita Lippincott, at captainsassy1@yahoo.com


Notice Regarding Parking 

We know that finding a parking space during games can be difficult, but please park only in assigned spaces. Fire Department regulations call on us to tow cars that are parked in unassigned areas.   

This includes parking in front of our main entrance gates or parking in unassigned spaces in the parking lot preventing free movement of emergency vehicles.


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In Memory of Mike Noblitt

Mike Noblitt served our community in too many ways to list. Many of you probably knew him as the nice man behind the grill at our snack shack. Those of us fortunate enough to get to know him on a more personal level had nothing less than the utmost respect for this amazing man. His commitment to our kids, facility, and overall community will never be matched. He truly was the anchor of Westhills and served as our patriarch for many years. To say that he will be sorely missed does not even begin to describe the impact his passing will have on so many people. His presence and legacy is tangible at Westhills from the moment you set foot inside the facility to the moment you sink your teeth into a tri tip or breakfast sandwich. He is responsible for nearly every improvement that we have made to the complex over the last 15 years and created the recipes for all of our grill items. It was common for him to be working his tail off at Westhills from sun up to sun down every weekend during the fall and spring seasons. It will take 10 sets of hard working feet to even begin to fill the giant boots he leaves behind.



Upcoming Events

Mike Noblitt Day - Saturday, 5/5 
Mother's Day - Sunday, 5/13 - Fields Dark 
Memorial Day Weekend - Friday, 5/25 - Tuesday, 5/29 - Fields Dark 
Playoff Week - 6/4 
Championship Sunday - 6/10 
2018 Pony West Zone Championship Series - Thursday, 8/2 - Sunday, 8/5 





Call the hotline at 818-346-ball (2255) for up to the minute field conditions.

Upcoming Games

Date Location Home Team Away Team Division
Tue 04/24/2018 @ 4:45 pm
Tue 04/24/2018 @ 4:45 pm
Tue 04/24/2018 @ 4:45 pm
Tue 04/24/2018 @ 4:45 pm
Tue 04/24/2018 @ 4:45 pm