*Westhills 2018 Season Winners*



Division Winner - Padres


Tournament Champion - 



Division Winner - Giants 


Tourament Champion 




Division Winner - Giants 

The Mustang "A" Giants are a hard nosed, tough team that always comes to play and never shys away from adversity. They are strong and play for each other. We are very proud to represent an amazing league and competitive division, full of great players and coaches who showed respect, class and heart in a competitive season where nothing came easy.

The staff was always impressed by our boy's dedication, love of the game and commitment to getting better. Also, many thanks to a great group of parents who were willing help in any way, and fully supported our team. Especially our three Team Mom's Shannon Claudio, Jenny Green, Laura Ward and my wife Melanie for all her sacrifices through every season.

Pictured from left to right:
Coaches: John Claudio, Brett Nechak, Steve Hill, Dan Ward and Gabe Green
Players: Lucas "Beans" Ward, Johnathon "Ball Hawk" Spigel, Jackson "Mt. Jim" Hill, Max "Money" Bromberg, Jackson "Boomer" Claudio, MJ "Nails" Sanchez, Alex "AZ" Green, JJ "Rocket" Saffie, Jack "Loose Cannon" Nechak,
Matt "The Swiss Army Knife" Mechanick and Josh "Big Red" Fonvergne




Tournament Champion 





Division Winner - Rays 



Tournament Champion - 





Division Winner - Pirates 


Tournament Champion - 




Division Winner - Astros 

What an amazing regular season the Pinto B Astros just completed. From the first game, played in a light rain, to the last game, played in a heat wave, this team battled hard all season. Over the course of the season all 12 Astros pitched at least an inning and tried the positions they wanted to play.  

The coaching staff would all agree that this team was fun to manage/coach and we're looking forward to the upcoming playoffs.

Your 2018 Pinto B Astros are:
Carter, Chace "Flash", Ethan "E", George "King", Henry F. "Dr. Jones", Henry M. "Moon Man", James, Jonathan "J-Rod", Kyla "Clutch", Levi "Big Hit", Milo "Crusher", and Tiam "Cujo"


Tournament Champion -